Dubai Metro in numbers

6 a.m. - the metro starts working on all days of the week except Friday

6-8 minutes - interval of trains of the "green" metro line

7 - the total number of zones into which the metro is divided

10-15 meters - the height of most of the route of both metro lines

11.6 Dirhams (US $ 3.1) - maximum metro fare 1 time

14 trains serve the green line during peak hours, at off-peak times - 10 trains

18 - the total number of stations of the green metro line

20 seconds - waiting period for trains at the stations of the red metro line

29 - the total number of stations of the "red" metro line

47 - the total number of pedestrian crossings on the "red" and "green" metro lines

50 - the total number of trains moving on both lines during peak hours, 28 - at off-peak times

52.9 km - the length of the red metro line

60-63 minutes travel between the two terminal stations of the red line metro

80 fils (20 cents) - metro fare 1 time

110 km / h - the average speed of the metro trains, excluding stopping times

500 buses serve the red metro line

500 meters - the maximum distance between the metro station and its bus

660 police officers of various ranks ensure the safety of metro passengers

787 buses serve both metro lines

3,000 surveillance cameras installed at stations, in transitions and subway tunnels

116,340 - average daily number of passengers using the metro in June 2010

130 529 - a record number of people using the metro on July 1, 2010

2,000,000 - average monthly number of passengers served by the subway

3 301 959 - a record number of passengers using the metro in August 2010

7.8 billion US dollars - the cost of building the subway

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