Dsquared2 is jazz, it's glamor!


What do you instantly think when you hear about Dubai?

Dean: Oh, fun!

Dan: Dubai is a playground for older children. The city is somewhat reminiscent of Los Angeles or Las Vegas, only without a casino! You have wonderful amusement parks, shopping centers, the sea, there is even Ski Dubai! Dubai can be described as the city of everything “the very-most”: “the tallest building, the richest people, the biggest, most luxurious ...

Dean: Dubai is surreal, this place is fantasy!

Is this your first visit to the Emirates?

Dan: I think it's already the sixth or seventh.

Do you think the city has a chance to become the world capital of fashion, along with Paris, Milan, New York, London, Moscow and Beijing?

Dan: Dubai is a trending city. He becomes the center of events. Tonight, for example, we are going to an event with Franca (editor-in-chief of the Italian Vogue Franco Sotsanni - approx. Ed.). Here you can buy clothes or accessories from any collection.

Dean: Dubai has potential. If in the city the concept of style and fashion becomes wider, then it is!

Dan: Of course, because Dubai has covered almost all aspects: the hotel business, sports, fashion.

Dean: The city is synonymous with pleasure. Even just shopping at The Dubai Mall is a pleasant experience. Where else can you get up at one in the morning and go for a cup of coffee to the shopping center, give the car to the valet and think: "Maybe it's time to go to the boutique?". This not normal! But very cool! There is no such thing anywhere else.

How do you like local fashion, girls in luxurious designer abayas, for example?

Dean: In my understanding, they are virgin, pure, correct. This is not America, and here a completely different culture, respect and status play a huge role. In the wardrobe of a Dubai woman, abaya is an indispensable element, it is part of the culture.

Dan: And on the other hand, they adore fashion. Their style speaks of their condition and status.

Dean: They are chic and sophisticated.

Dan: By the way, makeup on Arab girls looks just fine. Yes, they like a bright make-up, but they apply it tastefully and taking into account the color scheme. They have a great technique. They do not smear the face!

Returning to its roots, many Canadian motifs were used in previous collections. Is this symbolic for you?

Dan: Our Canadian roots are what sets us apart from all the other fashion designers.

Dean: You must never forget where you come from, because it is part of your personality and your self.

Dan: We are Italians by birth, and this is also very important. But you know, we are proud of who we are. We are the only designers who have a star on the Avenue of Stars in Canada. The first designers who are appreciated by our country. We were entrusted with dressing up the Canadian team for the Olympics, which is great!

Dean: For many, Canada and fashion are incompatible. But I believe we have eradicated this myth. Yes, we proudly run on the podium from year to year, stating that we are Canadians. Before us, the country really did not have a strong fashion DNA.

Dan: No matter where you come from, it matters where you go. This is our main motive. We had to work hard to achieve this status. Imagine a skillful dancer: he moves so easily that it seems like he doesn’t need to do another “pa”. This is his whole charm: it is he who lets you believe that everything is so simple, although this is a constant, difficult, exhausting work on yourself.

Dsquared2 shows are always filled with theatrical elements. Which movie inspires you the most?

Dan: We grew up in the 1980s and were the youngest in the family. Sometimes we managed to secretly see the shows that our sisters went to. But we grew up on the good old Hollywood movie. Inspiration also comes from small gizmos, literally from all sides.

Dean: As designers, we, like sponges, absorb everything that happens around us.

Dan: Weird things can happen to us. For example, 10 years have passed since we released the debut collection. And then we decided to go to church.

Dean: They say religion and fashion are taboo! But you know what? Designers come and go every year, and if we managed to succeed and stay afloat after 10 years, then there is someone up there who oversees all the action and decides for us. And we need to be thankful.

Dan: Whoever you ask about his success, he will answer you, "Thank God!" So, this person has a certain connection, relationship with the Almighty. And we also have it.

Dean: That is why we dedicated one of our shows to UNICEF and did a promotional campaign called "Love Thy Brother" ("Love your neighbor"). It was the first show in many years when all our brothers and sisters were on the show. There are eight children in our family - five sisters and three brothers. This is such an indescribable energy! Almost all the moments in life somehow lead you to a certain topic in the collections: here you see Latin American passion, here - a charming tall blonde on a white Cadillac. Inspiration works on a subconscious level, like a second wind.

You interestingly noticed that religion and fashion are taboo. An absolute cliche, especially in the Middle East.

Dan: I can imagine that it can be difficult for girls in abayas to cover fashion events. But they respect fashion, and she herself is their choice.

I know that you are big music lovers.

Dean: Oh, music has an important place in our lives. She is a mood catalyst. Sometimes I hear a favorite melody, and it raises my tone.

Dan: Many people wonder why we are always in a good mood. Everything is simple. I get in the car, turn on my favorite wave, hum. And that’s all! The latest collection contains elements of Latin American music, 1950s mambas, and some salsa.

What three melodies can you single out as your favorite hits?

Dean: Oh, a tough question!

Dan: The song "Just the two of us". We understand it, because we are two brothers, two parts of an inseparable and two people very close to each other.

Dan: Definitely, music is always with us. When we were children, our sisters walked around the clubs, and we ran to them in their pink bedroom and played our favorite dance records. For us it was an unknown world. When I hear the hits of those years, they take me to a plush bedroom with five pink beds, where my brother and I circled to the music.

Would you do it professionally if it weren’t for fashion?

Dean: Of course! In secret, we are planning a musical project in the future.

Dan: We would love to do a movie project too!

I will look forward to it! You travel a lot. How about Moscow?

Dan: I love Moscow. We recently opened a boutique on Petrovka, we have a section in the Mercury shopping center. I love to go to Moscow galleries. In one of them we saw Rubens' masterpieces, beautiful, massive paintings. Although he (points to his brother) seems to have remained indifferent (laughs).

Dean: Russian people are unique. You have a crazy party. And, of course, models from Russia work on our shows, which we use for shows and in advertising campaigns. They are very beautiful.

Tell us about the men's collection of the outgoing season.

Dan: We went to a 40s jazz club in Paris. The scene comes to life from the black and white photographs that were on the invitations.

Dean: Things of a strict cut, from soft fabrics, a lot of color coats and handmade blazers. They can be combined with shorts and heavy shoes. Each image is complemented by a hat with a high top. We used soft, “rich” materials that become part of the skin. This is cashmere, silk, wool. It turns out a slender, refined image. With a gloss!

And what awaits our readers this spring?

For women, we recommend color! In summer you need to be brighter, and Russian women are not afraid of the sun. Bright colors, prints, a bronze tan are suitable for them.

Dean: Pay attention to brightly colored cardigans. Turquoise and coral will look great on Russians. From our latest collection are silk and organza corset-bikini and couture sweatshirts.

Dan: Don't be afraid of accessories! In the autumn-winter collection, girls wear large jewelry with bright stones. For the evening, choose flowing dresses, tuxedos and coats. This is jazz and this is glamor!