The first crocodile park in the Middle East to appear in Dubai

The first park in the Middle East - a reservation for crocodiles will be built in Dubai in the next two years. An agreement was signed between Dubai Municipality and contractor company White Oryx Investment LLC. The construction cost is estimated at 10 million dirhams (US $ 2.7 million).

Engineer Hussein Nasser Luta, general manager of the municipality, said that this ambitious project will be a landmark for the entire tourism sector of Dubai and the research sector, as it will allow all zoological students and guests of the emirate to study the life of crocodiles from A to Z.

According to the municipality, the main goal of the project is to create a unique tourism destination that combines outdoor recreation and adventure. The area of ​​the park will be 20 thousand square meters. meters. He will also emphasize the emirate’s image as a center for wildlife conservation and the promotion of scientific research. The reserve will be located in the northeast of Dubai, 10 km from Dubai International Airport. The department expects that the flow of visitors will be estimated annually by millions of people.

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