Other offers in the portable aviation market


There are already two whole motorcycles "like Luke Skywalker" in the world, and both of them are at the stage of testing a pre-production prototype. In principle, a pre-order can already be placed on the site. With an Australian named Chris Malloy, everything is ready and flies, although it is still on a leash.

Two tilt tracers, each with a pair of screws, between which a “biker” sits, sets in motion a 1170 cm3 BMW motorcycle engine. The maximum speed is 280 km / h, range - 150 km, load capacity - 165 kg. Malloy expects to collect his Hoverbike in the UK, set a price of 40 thousand dollars for it, and has already registered a legal entity for this, calling it simply MA. California-based Aerofex promises to launch its aerial motorcycle in 2017. The design of the two-seater Aero-X also involves a gasoline engine, a pair of tiltroters, a speed of 72 km / h, a load capacity of 140 kg. The founder and technical director of the company, Mark de Roche, says that they took Frank Piasecki, built in 1960, as the basis for the “flying jeep”.

Kiwi Pak

Turboprop Martin Jetpack with a 2-liter two-stroke gasoline engine and 200 hp was first shown at the Oshkosh air show in July 2008. Two Kevlar screws in the annular canals reach speeds of up to 100 km / h, the ceiling height is 1500 m. You can sag in the air for half an hour. And a pilot’s license is optional. The base cost of the work of the New Zealand company Martin Aircraft is 150 thousand dollars. Serial production is planned in a year and a half.


Agusta Westland, an Italian aircraft manufacturer, is stamping one after another the commercial reincarnations of Bell's once-secret defense projects. The ten-seat business quadrocopter AW-609 is based on the V-22 Osprey military vehicle. Awarded a special award at the HeliExpo in Las Vegas (2013) and the approval of the US Helicopter Association (2014), the single-seat Zero Project concept is much more individual. It has the ability to take off and land vertically, the carbon fiber fuselage from Bertone, a complete rejection of hydraulics in the name of weight reduction. Stylishly, quickly, the current status of the project is prototype testing.

Flying car

The first reports on the development of flying cars appeared in the press long before the invention of the Internet. True, in reality no one else has seen these cars - only in the second series of "Harry Potter". But in October this year in Vienna, the Slovak company Aeromobil showed a four-wheeled two-seater with folding wings, which really can take off directly from the highway and even land on unpaved airfields. This is the fourth generation of development begun in the 1990s by Stefan Klein and his associates. The maximum speed in ground position is 160 km / h, in air - 200 km / h.

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