XDubai Spartan Race, Hatta, UAE

The massive XDubai Spartan Race will be held again in Hutt.

Location:Dubai Hutta
Organizer: Spartan arabia
  • Participation is paid US $ 69-137
  • Pre-registration is required on the site.
    Time spending:06.00
    The date of the:November 16, 2018

    One of the main sporting events of the year - the XDubai Spartan Race - will be held again in Hutt on November 16th. The organizer is Dubai Holding.

    Participants are waiting for a lot of dirt and water, pulling up on burning ropes and a lot of interesting obstacles at distances of 5 and 13 km. Every year the event brings together not only many athletes, but also hundreds of spectators and fans.

    Watch the video: Dubai Spartan Race 2017 - Sprint (April 2020).