UAE movie theater chain will show films around the clock

Cinemas in one of the largest chains in the United Arab Emirates will be available for watching movies at night.

VOX operator Cinemas has announced that its cinemas will be open around the clock until the end of summer on weekends.

The announcement on Twitter caused positive emotions among moviegoers who want to attend night sessions or, conversely, the earliest.

Round-the-clock movie watching will be organized in some shopping centers, including: Mall of the Emirates, City Center Deira and City Center Mirdif.

Among the later sessions will not be films intended for children, including cartoons.

This week's blockbusters will be Skyscraper, Ant-Man and the Wasp, Jurassic World 2, and Ocean's Eight Friends.

Night sessions will be held every Thursday and Friday, starting July 12th.

The summer promotion will last until the end of August.

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