In Dubai, a businessman from Ukraine was convicted for selling sex toys

Dubai police seized 150 sex toys from the apartment of a Ukrainian businessman who was sentenced to prison for their advertising on the Internet.

The Dubai Court of Cassation rejected the appeal of a Ukrainian businessman who was jailed for a month for storing more than 150 types of sex toys and their ads for subsequent sale on Facebook.

The defendant imported his goods from China and posted images of these products on a special Facebook page in 2016.

The Department of Economic Crimes of the Dubai Police received information that a Ukrainian, along with a compatriot, promotes and distributes sex toys. Dubai police have instructed the informant to contact advertisers and introduce themselves as a potential customer. The informant called the number from the Facebook page and agreed to meet with the seller in order to purchase goods for a total of 1000 dirhams ($ 272).

Shortly after the transaction was concluded, police searched the apartment of the accused in Silicon Oasis, seized the goods and arrested the man. His compatriot was also taken into custody.

The Ukrainian businessman was charged with possession of pornographic and sexual objects and their illegal advertising on social networks. His compatriot was accused of not informing the authorities of the offense.

The men did not plead guilty to the Dubai Violation Court. The court sentenced the businessman to a month in prison with subsequent deportation. His accomplice was fined 10 thousand dirhams ($ 2.72 thousand).

The defendants tried to appeal the decision in the Dubai Court of Appeal, which upheld the main decision. The court of cassation also upheld the decision.

The entrepreneur claims that he has lived in the UAE for eight years. According to him, he began to sell, as he needed money.

“I knew that advertising and selling such items was illegal, but I sold them because I needed money. I started selling them six months before my arrest,” the accused told the investigator.

During the interrogation of the prosecution, he said that all the toys were intended for personal use.

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