UAE adopts new rules for shawarma stalls

Owners of shawarma stalls across the country must now adhere to the new rules of the UAE Standardization and Metrology Service (Esma).

On the eve of Esma announced the entry into force of new federal rules aimed at strengthening control over all stages of the preparation of the most popular fast food in the region.

As stated by Abdula Al Muyani, head of Esma, standard No. 1060 covers the preparation and service standards for catering establishments selling shawarma. This set of amendments is aimed at making sure that the products of establishments of this type meet the highest safety standards.

"Shawarma is fast food, which is popular among a huge number of UAE residents. In order to ensure the health of consumers, it was necessary to adopt the rules governing the preparation of this product," said Al Muyani.

The new rules establish requirements for the place and room in which the shawarma is prepared, the necessary tools and equipment, sanitary standards for cooks, the rules for packaging, storage and maintenance.

Halaf Halaf, Director of Esma Standardization, emphasized that the new rules will improve product safety and reduce the risks associated with improper storage of shawarma ingredients.

He explained that the main ingredient of shawarma meat should be supplied from the slaughterhouse in accordance with the established requirements, and the product itself should be prepared in accordance with all sanitary standards.

He also added that the product should not contain any ingredients that are contrary to the principles of Sharia.

"In addition to the requirements for processing meat, the new rules also prohibit the sale of shawarma from a tray on the street in order to prevent harmful substances and dust from entering the product," said Mr. Khalaf.

Also, the standards contain a number of requirements for the staff involved in the preparation of shawarma, all of them must have a health book, not be sick with respiratory and infectious diseases, their skin should not be wounds and ulcers.

"During working hours, cooks must strictly observe the rules of hygiene, they must wash their hands thoroughly with soap and water, avoid actions such as smoking, which can lead to the ingress of various harmful impurities into the shawarma," the official added.

Shawarma is a Middle Eastern (Levantine) dish of pita or pita bread, stuffed with grilled and then minced meat (lamb, chicken, less often veal, turkey meat) with spices, sauces and fresh vegetable salad. It is used without the use of cutlery. In different countries, this dish is known under different names - shawarma, shawarma, doner, doner kebab, turkish kabob and many others, but in modern Russian dictionaries only the name "shawarma" is found.

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