From point "A" to point "B" ... or how to send the goods, so that you can receive it later


Those involved in such a difficult business as the organization of cargo transportation or in the common people “cargo” probably remember for many years that heavenly time when air deliveries of large consignments were carried out in one two days, or the cargo arrived on the same flight as the passengers. Shipping cost then amounted to $ 1.9-2.2 per kilogram of cargo. The containers arrived at their destination, indeed, in 20-30 days, and there were even cases when customers refused to receive their goods, because they had not yet waited for the container to arrive. I think that many people understand how such short delivery times and such low prices were achieved. In addition, each client of the freight forwarding companies was well aware that delivery services could not be so cheap, but he was afraid to carry excess cargo with hand luggage in order to avoid misunderstandings with customs.

The situation was gradually changing, and by the end of the 1990s, the Russian authorities began to clean up and started a secret war against malicious tax evaders in the territory of the Russian Federation ... Recall that a criminal case of smuggling furniture through the shopping centers "Three Whales" and "Grand" was initiated September 7, 2000. The State Customs Committee then initiated the investigation, and the Investigative Committee under the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation was directly involved in the investigation. Further more. Carrier companies also began to work hard. Undeclared or incompletely declared cargoes automatically fall under the status of "contraband". For many companies, it has become customary to hear: “Your cargo has been detained for customs inspection” or, even worse, “arrested”.

The representative offices of some local carrier companies in Russia closed, went bankrupt, or came under the supervision of the relevant authorities. This was the result of the intensification of the state’s fight against smuggling. Government agencies have developed a “Smuggling Tracking Program”. And here is the situation with such cargo today. From the moment of their arrest, all goods and vehicles are in the temporary storage warehouse (TSW) under customs control. Goods and vehicles acquire the status of “in temporary storage” automatically, from the moment and by virtue of their presentation to the customs authority. From the moment goods and vehicles are placed at the TSW, and until they are completely transferred to the Interstate Russian company, only employees of the Interstate Russian company can be present in warehouses. There, a full recount of all units of goods located at the TSW is carried out, their actual value is displayed, which is summed up with the tariffs for customs clearance, and the amount received is presented to the host company engaged in the assembly and delivery of contraband cargo, or to individual entrepreneurs engaged in similar activities. The seized goods are not returned, but transferred to the All-Russian Charity Fund and to the warehouses of the Interstate Russian company. Based on the recalculations, criminal cases are instituted against carrier companies, as well as individuals engaged in the individual delivery of smuggled goods.

The customer, that is, the sender himself, is also criminally liable for concealing virtually unpaid taxes. When tracking systems for the passage of contraband cargo, photo, video and radio equipment are used. All telephones held by managers and employees of companies involved in the smuggling of goods, as well as their relatives and friends, are put on the Interpol line. Since the beginning of 2003, concrete work has begun with companies that accept goods for illegal transportation across the borders of the Russian Federation in the UAE, Turkey and China. For this, the company handles a shell load of 5-7 people. All cargo arriving at the border of the Russian Federation is specifically inspected, the goods are seized with the vehicle and delivered to the TSW. We are all witnesses to the results of this systematic work. During this period, a number of companies were closed in the markets of Dubai, Turkey and China, which were completely ruined and failed to fulfill their obligations to customers. Against this background, new companies are suddenly created or, for no reason, the long-forgotten "old" are being "reborn"! Do not believe - the old never reborn! It’s just that it’s more convenient for those who are not clean at hand to buy the license of an existing but not working company and work under the “old” flag. What is observed in the market today? There is an active “pouring mud” on existing companies, an aggressive “redeployment” of personnel is underway with the aim of capturing a customer database, which is almost impossible to promise. Many customers understand this, but unfortunately it's too late. I will explain why.

Here comes into force a plan for direct tracking of "customers", or, in simple terms, a specific and targeted struggle is being waged with people wishing to send their goods with a full guarantee of their receipt at a convenient time for them, but without paying official customs payments and taxes . To this end, the state customs structures with the support of Interpol on the basis of existing or newly created companies in the Russian Federation, since the end of 2002 opened representative offices in the UAE, Turkey, China, India, Singapore, Thailand. Representative offices are vested with all the powers that parent companies have, up to the creation of their own temporary storage warehouse and the maintenance of their own special forces groups. To carry out organizational work in the UAE, Turkey, China experts of companies are sent. Employees of firms from these countries are involved in the work. All documents with financial value and progress reports are submitted weekly to Interpol - the department of Russia and the Federal Grid Company under the Interstate Russian Company. On-site companies offer tourists affordable prices and a guaranteed time. Video surveillance is carried out upon receipt of goods, as well as upon their delivery to the customer’s home. All materials - personal data, telephones, videos are used to initiate criminal cases, goods are confiscated, payment for goods is not refundable. Once again I explain that this work is directed against each of us, “unsuspecting” entrepreneurs who simply want to buy and send their goods profitably in order to have enough money to feed their families.

Based on the foregoing, it is clear that the situation is very tense, and when delivering goods to companies registered after 2002, the risk is inevitable. Therefore, be careful when handing over the goods to unknown companies, ask if the owners of the company have changed during the period of its existence. Take special care with newly created companies, as well as with employees who, for whatever reason, switched jobs in one cargo company to another. Do not believe them - not a single normal shipping company will release its employee voluntarily if it really benefits. "Defectors" are, as a rule, employees with a "damp" reputation or with overstated ambitions, who have shown dishonesty towards the company and to clients represented by the company, who have no education and are not able to do anything other than what they were taught for several years of work. And the best defense is an attack. This is what they practice. Be smarter, because usually, when advertising this or that company, these people have no idea what is behind it, how and by what methods it works, their task is to “remove” commissions, and then let the client understand. And ask yourself - can you trust a person who scolds the company that he praised several years ago? Be careful, today you need to understand, not only who and how much is shipping your goods, and hand over the goods where it’s cheaper, but clearly understand where it is more reliable. Today, part of the transport (cargo) companies in the UAE, refused to broker assistance at low prices and independently declares and “clears” cargo, which is much more reliable and stable. You can calculate dates, prices and avoid the risk of confiscation of cargo and loss of business.

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