Fashion Elements

Each season brings us something new in clothes or shoes. Every season, designers try to come up with something that has not yet been seen. But from season to season, in all collections without exception, slipping elusively familiar notes based on the basis of the basics - the human environment. All fashion trends, one way or another, affect topics such as Earth, Water, Fire and Air ....

Element Earth

Colors: all kinds of shades of terracotta and brown, olive and green, black, gray and gold. Fabrics: from soft wool flannel and crepe to finest silk and organza. Silhouettes: Knitted dresses remain fashionable this season. Simple fitted models, often of a smooth trapezoidal shape or with a wide tightening belt, will be very popular. New additions will appear: sleeves, loose, shapeless wraparound collars from soft, pleasant to the touch, fluffy types of yarn, including multi-colored yarn and luxurious cashmere blends.

Knitted outerwear is becoming one of the key areas of the new season, as it is ideally suited to the currently popular medieval style. It will still be very fashionable to wrap in knitted ponchos, capes and shawls, complemented by hoods or hoods, decorated with fringe.

Jackets do not lose their relevance, but become more athletic, but dresses retain a tendency to femininity. Trendy: nautical and military jackets, biker jackets, lace-up ankle boots, giant bags, hats and travel bags

Element Fire

Colors: scarlet and purple, orange and burgundy, raspberry and cyclamen, berry tones. Fabrics: silk and satin, finest wool and patent leather, chiffon and jacquard. Silhouettes: the fashion industry is leaning towards a free style, which is characterized by layering of clothes and a lack of seasonality. The fashion for volume continues, offering rounded, oval shapes and soft, trapezoidal lines filled with a youthful, relaxed appeal. Vintage influences are inspired not only by the 20-30s, but also by the earlier era of the founder of the fashion trends of the 20th century, Paul Poiret. This trend is typical for dresses with low waist giving great opportunities for embroidery and beading. The fashionable skirts of this season are a half-open tulip, lush and with soft, deep folds. Red gloves added warmth and brightness to the gloomy winter colors. This official accessory “began a new life” thanks to brick red shades from Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Tommy Hilfiger, Etro and other brands. Most of the styles are presented in an elongated version (to the elbow and above). Gloves are made in soft leather and suede and make you feel like a charming lady of the 50s.

Fashionable: long red gloves, pumps, purse bags with a kiss fastener and tunic sweaters, multilayer knitwear and classic evening dresses with a deep neckline.

Element Water

Colors: ultramarine, turquoise, blue, violet, dark green, metallic. Fabrics: Organza, Silk, Crepe, Drape, Felt, Canvas, Soft Woolen Flannel and Knitwear. Silhouettes: in the autumn-winter season, dresses are experiencing a peak of popularity. It is difficult to say whether this is due to the desire for simplicity and femininity, but one thing is certain - dresses will be popular not only in this, but also in the next spring-summer season. This is a mandatory attribute of a wardrobe that fits the style of a modern business woman.

Fans of science fiction films about space flights will surely enjoy the futuristic style of shoes that clearly stands out among the fashion trends of this season. These bulky, but at the same time elegant models do not look like retro style and are rather a new peculiar interpretation of the sci-fi image of the 60s.

This fall and winter will be relevant bags without handles. Her schoolbook bag reminds us very much of the textbooks presented by Hermes. Less rigorous models from Roberto Cavalli and Marc Jacobs: they resemble folded paper bags in shape.

Fashionable: a dress with a blouse, a dress with zippers, a one-piece shirt dress, trendy futuristic shoes, wallets with a solid body and shapeless bags made of canvas or soft leather, as well as sports shoes for everyday wear.

Element Air

Colors: boiling white, blue, gray, indigo, silver or metallic. Fabrics: chiffon and georgette, jersey, corduroy, an abundance of soft and fluffy knitwear made of mohair, cashmere and fancy yarn. Silhouettes: the main one - a dress with bare shoulders, with or without sleeves, modernized, with soft draperies and pleats inspired by Ancient Greece, for a simple but effective look. Iceberg and Emanuel Ungaro emphasized the silhouette with wide ribbons from the material that the dress itself. What can give an evening gown more shine than gemstone trim? Even if these are not precious stones, but crystals, undoubted success and universal attention are guaranteed. Especially popular in the new season are large stones, usually completely flat, creating a large volumetric pattern. The actual decoration with stones is the neck, as well as the straps on open dresses.

Ankle boots have always been and remain elegant. The classics are being improved, and this fall and winter we have to choose from a wide variety of shapes of heels. An interesting novelty appeared at Louis Vuitton - heels take the form of a cigar, and Fendi elastic boots rely on rectangular “bars”.

The platform sole did not go unnoticed, having found its embodiment in Chloe models. Again, the designers work in retro style, this time presenting to our attention pumps with framing or wrapping stripes. The finish is quite diverse: glossy lacquered inserts, like Louis Vuitton, or Paul Smith metal spouts. Fashionable: sheer dresses. A delicate, “airy”, almost magical look is created with the help of details from a slightly shiny “metallic” and a very light transparent material, from which sarafans and dresses are worn on transparent blouses.

Fashionable: bags without handles and bags with circular zippers at the base, many straps, laces and buckles in the decoration of shoes, unusual hats, delicate silk underwear

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