Horoscope for March-April 2009

Aries >> Aries mood in March will jump up and down, constantly shocking others with its border states. Spring fatigue will make Aries more passive. The inconsistency of the decisions made in March will affect work efficiency. In April, you will have a hidden adversary that will impede the completion of tasks. Avoid confrontation and be honest and professional. Due to the mental crisis, in March Aries will be prone to overeating. Be careful, arrange fasting days.

Taurus >> The instability of the situation in love and relationships in March will be explained by libel of envious people. Try not to be nervous. By the beginning of April, it turns out that in your relations with a loved one, you have long exhausted the moral and spiritual resources that tightly connected you before. But creativity in March will be on the rise. Use this potential in your work, the results can amaze not only you, but also those around you. At the beginning of spring, your health condition may improve or become aggravated again. Start exercising to maintain good health.

Gemini >> March is a beautiful month. Stars patronize you, so try to maximize the effect of their location. In April, your partner will finally tell you what you longed to hear. Your labors at work will be noticed and rewarded. The beginning of spring is due to an increased level of stressful situations. If you are constantly tired, the stars are advised to take a vacation in April to restore strength.

Cancer >> In early spring, try not to show negative emotions and grievances in the relationship with your loved one, this will help resolve disagreements. Erroneous judgments can lead to a halt in the projects you are promoting, which can undermine your self-confidence. However, learn from mistakes, and soon you will act more prudently. Increased loads will lead to depletion of the body's resources and to a weakening of immunity. Try to avoid excessive physical activity in April, your strength is low.

Leo >> Because of the stress in Leo, they will feel especially tired, but thanks to the support and tenderness of their loved ones, any obstacles will be fearless. At work, you will have to fight off the attacks of envious people who will attempt to expose your merits in a bad light. However, it is not your rule to retreat; if you do everything right, you will soon succeed. Try to get a complete health check. Fatigue will haunt you in April, but this time it will not be physical, but rather emotional.

Virgo >> You will only waste time trying to postpone the fulfillment of the inevitable events in your personal relationships in March. Even if your intentions are clear, much of what you have planned for yourself will be misinterpreted by your partner. There is a high probability of quarrels, cooling relations. At work in March, changes are coming, so the situation will require additional attention, strength, flexibility and the ability to compromise from you. Round-the-clock stress is the cause of many of your health problems. Think about a lifestyle change.

Libra >> March is your month. Laugh and smile, and the whole world will enjoy life with you. Do not impose your ideas on others, on the contrary, take part in the fate of a loved one, and your relationship will become so harmonious that they will envy you. Be careful, at any moment, events that promise significant financial profits can slip past you. Due to the increased workload in April, decision-making will take a significantly longer time than the situation requires. Think about relaxation. It is worth checking the state of health.

Scorpio >> Your natural optimism will alienate you from quarrels with your loved one. In April, you will have the opportunity to look at family life from a different angle, to take part in matters that you ignored. In March, you will be at the top of professional success. Moreover, you are able to cover not one, but several diverse areas that will open attractive prospects for a career. In March, colds, seasonal diseases, allergies are possible. Frequent migraines can complicate your well-being in April.

Sagittarius >> Your behavior can become pompous and false when you have something to hide from your partner. In April, it will be difficult for you to regain the trust of a loved one. Caution, your position and / or authority will be in a vulnerable position. The likelihood of fraud and fraudulent transactions will increase. Disbelieve in offers to make easy money - this can lead to major problems. In April, you will have to work in emergency mode, eliminating the consequences of delays caused by events that you did not attach due importance to. Try not to overeat. Stars advise you to unwind and relax in nature.

Capricorn >> It is possible that the needs of your partner in March will go beyond your capabilities. In April, you will have to make every effort to clarify the situation. In some areas, you will be so successful that you will cause the envy of ill-wishers who will try to quarrel you with your friends and discredit your reputation. Exacerbation of chronic diseases can cause you a lot of trouble. Be choosy in food, adhere to a healthy diet.

Aquarius >> Be careful, not only people close to you, but also those who try to live at the expense of others can take advantage of your location and kindness in March. Your courage will help to overcome a certain negative event in the sphere of your professional interests. Your actions will be highly appreciated by colleagues and noticed by the leadership who will offer you other interesting projects. In April, the stars advise you to start a new business. Pleasant activities that are not related to everyday life will benefit your mind and body. Constant overstrain can lead to frequent headaches. Try to get enough sleep.

Pisces >> In March, Pisces will be in the limelight and open to all-round criticism. Follow the advice of someone you trust. In a relationship with a loved one, a difficult period of misunderstanding begins, but you will be able to overcome the crisis together and become an even more united couple. March will lay the foundation for advancing your interests for many years to come. All you need in April is faith in a beautiful future. In early spring, stars are advised to spend some time in nature to rediscover its charm.