Your Montblanc ID

Luxurious fountain pens today are much more than stationery, rather, they are part of the business image, its final, bright and final detail. If your goal is to show how valuable your signature is, then you should pay attention to the elite fountain pens and special inks from Montblanc.

The famous manufacturer of high-end writing instruments, Montblanc, introduced the exclusive Personal Code Ink writing set, which includes an exclusive pen and ink based on special plant-based components to prevent signature falsification.

According to Jean Marc Pontre, Executive Vice President of Montblanc, invisible components contain a unique code and allow you to accurately identify the owner of the pen. “Only one person can own such a code,” explains Pontru. “Every ink is unique, like fingerprints.”

The Personal Code Ink writing set is set in a black wooden box containing two Meisterstuck pens: a Meisterstuck Signature Pen and a Meisterstuck Solitaire Barley Rollerball, as well as several replaceable ink cartridges. Pens that Montblanc prefers to call "writing tools" are adorned with diamonds, mother of pearl and gold plating. The sale of unique stationery will begin in May this year at Montblanc boutiques around the world.

Watch the video: How to take care of your Montblanc Fountain Pen. Montblanc Pen (April 2020).