"Red tide" reappeared in the UAE

The "red tide" reappeared in the UAE, this time capturing water on the east coast of the country, in the Kalba region.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates. According to the director of the Kalba Municipality, Ahmed Juma Al-Hora, a large number of dead fish were thrown ashore on weekends.

Thanks to the collective work of public utilities and volunteers, the beaches of Kalba were completely cleaned, but this morning the waves again brought dead fish ashore. The "red tide" itself did not come close to the coast yet, however, its appearance in the waters of Kalba led to the complete cessation of fishing.

The municipality of Kalba has not yet established a ban on swimming and is monitoring the development of the situation. "Red tide" is a massive development of dinophytes. It is dangerous not only by the abundance of algae themselves, but by the toxins produced by them, which also tend to accumulate in the organisms of the inhabitants of the seas, which later become seafood. If the amount of toxins exceeds the norm, water and its inhabitants become extremely dangerous for human health and life.

In the coastal waters of the UAE, a “red tide" appeared in August last year in Fujairah, after which it spread along the coast of Umm al-Qaiwain, Ras al-Kheimah, Sharjah and Dubai. At the end of April this year, the "red tide" spread to the coastal waters of Dubai, where it held for almost two weeks.

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