Chocolate by Jelena Salon - The Art of Shaving - Through the Ages

100,000 BC - Neanderthals for the first time begin to practice hair removal from their body.

50,000 years BC - Julius Caesar introduced daily rituals, during which the hair on his face was plucked one at a time with tweezers, becoming the ancestor of a new trend among the Romans.

30,000 BC - the first razors with stone blades made of sharpened silicon were invented, which made it possible to obtain rather sharp razor edges. We can assume that these were the first prototypes of disposable razors, as silicon blades became dull very quickly.

18th century - shaving becomes an important part of the life of men who followed fashion, among whom was Napoleon Bonaparte.

19th century - Benjamin Huntsman created the first razor, in which the blade was fixed perpendicular to the handle like a garden hoe. This invention forever changed the concept of shaving, in which a man could hold his razor tight and control the whole process.

Victorian men are so preoccupied with their appearance and personal care that they start using special shaving soap and aftershave, which are usually made at home, in the kitchen using laurel-cherry water.

In the USA, the Kampf brothers file a patent for the first safety razor, on one side of which there is an edge that protects the skin. Only one side of the blade that needs to be sharpened often is used for shaving.

This is the best shaving method on the market, allowing the user to avoid cuts that occur when shaving with straight steel razors. The blades are forged and need to be sharpened frequently.

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