And the ball is flying ...

Text and recording of the conversation: Elena Olkhovskaya
SIX HOURS OF MORNING. THE LONDON BRIDGE IS HIGH AND MOUNTAINLY UNWAY GRAY MAN ACCORDING TO THE MOISTURITY OF THE NIGHT RAIN, TRYING TO STEP EXACTLY ON THE BRIGHT-YELLOW STRIP OF THE SIDE Pavement. NEAR THE "PAUL SMITH" BRAND STORE, HE MEETS A WOMAN OF MIDDLE YEARS WHO OPENS HIS DOORS INSIDE. “Forgive me for raising you to such an early age! Otherwise, I’m afraid I won’t be able to do much”, Tells our interlocutor the people in which we will learn the very smallest time.

An almost two-hour film “Gentleman Designer” begins (with the Russian interpretation, the name will sound like “Gentleman Designer”), shot by a group of French documentary filmmakers led by Stephanie Carell in 2010 and telling about the life of this amazing person. His work in the office or atelier, casting models for showing regular collections and walking around the world, about the passion for photography in the whole world, communication with the team of his employees and endless notes on pieces of paper that can form the basis of a whole book on Paul Smith’s attitude to people, peace and creativity.

There is nothing staged, artificial or pretended in the film. From this image of Paul Smith ceases to be another cliche from the series "eminent designer." The audience’s eyes are opened by a big awkward child who once, not so long ago, presented the world of modern men's fashion with flowers, stripes and polka dot socks.

"I was born and raised here in London, on Kean Street. We ran boys from one shop to another, often stopped to spend the night with one of our friends in one of the neighboring houses, apartments in which now cost millions of pounds. I always liked the inhabitants central London, but as a true Englishman, I wanted them to look even more vibrant and unique, ”says the designer. “By the way, without getting a classical art education, I married very well. My wife is a clothing designer, and it was she who discerned in me a talent for creating something unusual.” At some point, the film ends, and a tall, slightly awkward gray-haired man comes to the audience directly from the screen ....

No, I'm not joking. It’s just that Paul Smith flew to Dubai to take part in the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the opening of his first Middle Eastern brand boutique here, watch a movie with us about himself, chat, present an exhibition of his photographs and original gifts, all glued with postage stamps from different countries, as well as another of his creations is the MINI Couper, painted with Paul Smith's signature multi-colored stripes. "These documentaries took me on their heels for eight months and kept me from working!" - laughs the fashion maestro. “On the other hand, I am glad that they showed everyone my awkward office, full of all kinds of toys, books, pieces of paper and unnecessary junk. I find it easier to create. I am against clean and bright offices that look more like an aquarium, because I’m sure that’s all "the best is around us, you just need to be able to see it. This is the point of the whole philosophy of my life and my work - to look at the world through the eyes of a child and, most importantly, to see all its charm and beauty, to draw inspiration from every minute of reality surrounding you!"

And then we begin to bombard Paul with questions. "Tell me, Paul, how do you manage to combine the talents of a designer and a businessman?" Paul Smith in response: “Everything is simple, you just need to put together the right team, then everything will turn out by itself. I never aspired to worldwide fame, but it seems that I'm doing it right, once in 35 countries there are Paul Smith boutiques "I am convinced that any work needs to be approached effortlessly, and if you hate something, be sure to call it a goal!"

Question: "Gender, what is the role of a classic suit in modern men's fashion?" Answer: “Not everyone can afford a good suit today, in the epochs of endless crises, but a funny corporate tie or striped socks (under the general laugh, Paul raises his leg, lifts his trouser leg and shows everyone his pink and purple stripes) - I believe that a high-quality classic jacket can be a key element of a man’s wardrobe, it’s like a picture frame in a museum - you can always hang any picture inside a good frame, so you can wear a jacket with a shirt or t-shirt, with trousers or jeans - it’s up to you, but you will look fashionable and stylish, that's for sure! "

"Did you like it in Dubai?" “I flew to the Emirates today from Tokyo at 4 a.m. Earlier morning is my favorite time.

Usually I spend it on walks in familiar or unfamiliar cities, on foot or by bicycle, with a camera in my hands. Did you hear that I wanted to be the world champion in cycling? Who knows, if I didn’t get injured, maybe we didn’t talk about design and fashion right now ... Yes, in Dubai I immediately went to the local fish market and took more than 35 pictures there. All these are my collections, because any, the most insignificant touch can form the basis of a new ornament or print for shirts, scarves or ties. I like the whole environment that surrounds me - forest, mountains, lakes. In Dubai, there are skyscrapers instead of forests, and this is also very cool, because it does not look like other cities. "

"You immediately began to sew multi-colored outfits for men? If not, how did this idea come to your mind?" “When I started to create, in my pocket there was a capital of 600 pounds, for which I bought white, gray and striped fabric for men's shirts. Then I thought, how would I make an ordinary white shirt original and not like the others. So there appeared a red overlay of loops and mother-of-pearl buttons, a collar of a different shape and other elements that were not noticeable at first glance, while multi-colored clothes were invented not even by me, I just made them available to many people. Remember how famous band musicians were in the 1960s and 70s Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones or Jimmy Hendricks also had to dress up with a lot of fiction, and it only seems that then, there were a lot of fashion brands or beautiful fabrics around. Jimmy Hendricks, for example, sewed jackets from curtains for children's rooms - such with blue hippos and elephants on a white field. they also invented who’s what’s so much, so now I really like to go to flea markets in different countries, where I find an endless field for creativity - I see some interesting cut elements, details of ornaments, colors or color combinations. And not in order to copy later, but in order to do something different on the basis of the impressions received. After all, it’s so boring to look back at what someone else has done. Need to find your way. "

... In one of Paul Smith’s photos, we see a wall of a gloomy gray building, against which a bright green balloon tears up ... "I’m always flying somewhere in my thoughts. It seems to me if I tell myself that I have already done everything that he could, someone else would get around me at the turn. Therefore, every new day is a new beginning for me and my team, "Paul says smiling. Then he puts his hands in the pockets of a cool cut ("picture frames", if you remember) and sets off to meet new impressions. He is stopped and asked for autographs, everyone wants to take a picture with him as a keepsake, and he does not refuse anyone. believes that "happiness is the way to everything." He is quoted, adored ... And the ball flies.

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