Every tenth resident of the UAE becomes a victim of "card" scammers

One in ten people in the United Arab Emirates becomes a victim of credit card fraud.

Dubai, UAE. In the United Arab Emirates, cases of credit card fraud have become more frequent - for example, every tenth resident of the country has become victims of this type of crime. Most often, the money was stolen or used for other purposes, according to a joint study by the Department of Economic Development of Dubai and the international payment system VISA.

During the study, 605 cardholders residing in the UAE were surveyed: of which more than 50 confirmed that their credit card details were stolen in the past. 7% say that the funds of their cards were used for third-party purchases, and another 6% say that products purchased online were never delivered.

From June 20 to 27, the payment system holds the Payment Security Week: the campaign explains how to protect yourself from scammers. In particular, use the security systems offered by banks, avoid dubious transactions, do not disclose credit card information, and regularly check the account balance.

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